To put it simply, I’m an archivist just beginning my career at my first formal archiving position. I graduated with my degree in library and information science in December 2015 and six months, some more volunteer experience, and one (valuable) administrative assistant position later, here I am.

A little background: I decided to become an archivist my final semester of my undergraduate career. I wanted to do something with my history degree, and to my horror, I didn’t know what because at that time I was not prepared for life after school. All of the options I envisioned seemed nebulous at best. Archiving as a career came out of nowhere after some extensive prayer. I then graduated with my B.A. in history in 2012 from Georgia State University and decided to take a year off.

Shortly after that, I started volunteering at the Auburn Avenue Research Library down the street from my alma mater to see if archiving was for me. I was already interested in black history; volunteering gave me a passion for preserving it. I got the amazing opportunity to work and talk with other archivists and work with collections created by the black community. I also made some valuable connections that have served me well. As a result, I’m a huge proponent of volunteering

After that, I applied to and was accepted to graduate school out of state. I had my adventures during school (including a brief time where I decided to stop pursuing archiving–long story, another blog post), but I made it through. They say it takes around six months on average to get a job in the field, but try telling that to my anxiety (that’s blog post #2). But I remained productive those six months and now I’m about to embark on my first archivist gig!

I created this blog to chronicle my own experience in this profession and discuss my research interests. From the beginning of my archivist journey, I had an interest in preserving the collections of small institutions. Now it’s evolved to caring about the digital presence of small institutions–especially those focused on minority populations.

But most of all, I’m looking forward to interacting with others. I’ll be writing posts, conducting interviews, book reviews, re-blogging content about archiving and about minority LIS professionals, and historical stuff. So it’s a lot…and I’m sure this blog will evolve from here.

Let’s get started, shall we?






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