History of Atlanta


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So I was processing this collection earlier and came across an article from the 1940s about how Atlanta had the most black businesses of any area of the country.

I was born and raised in a rural area of Georgia and so Atlanta was a fantasy land for me. It was the place that all the rappers and singers talked about in their songs, it had big buildings–all the things that I thought were so cool. Let’s not get into how happy field trips to Atlanta made me as a child. When I found out there was a university directly in downtown Atlanta, I was sold. I applied and was accepted. I loved being in the city.

It was only when I attended Georgia State that I started truly grasping Atlanta as the black mecca and how special a place it was. There was culture, there was opportunity. But it wasn’t until I was eight hours away working at my first professional job that I realized I don’t actually know how Atlanta got that way. It was something I took for granted.

I already have a very long queue of books to read, but I’m on the lookout for some good books  and resources on Atlanta history to learn how it got to be the black mecca.

Of course, suggestions are always welcome!


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