The Sixth Month

I started my first professional, entry level archives job six months ago and already I feel like I’ve learned a lot since then–not just about being an archivist, but the field at large. While I was in the endless pit of despair of unemployment and having a crappy job, I wasn’t really keeping up with the field as I should’ve, but that changed as soon as I got this job. I subscribed to every archives blog I could, started this blog to document what I was learning and to gain confidence with my writing, joined professional organizations, and devoured every opporunity I got for continuing education. Essentually, I formed my own Personal Learning Network.
I’ve processed four small collections to finish up a grant project and I’m currently working on the largest collection I’ve processed on my own–the personal papers of a local actor.While all of the collections I’ve processed have been interesting, this one is probably the most fun because I’ve gotten a little background insight on the entertainment industry. I’m also assisting in processing another enormous collection of personal papers of a sociologist; many times I’ve wondered how he had time to do everything he did. He was an active member of many professional organizations, he was a full-time professor, and he did consultation for a number of different organizations and institutions. It’s a little exhausting just thinking about it.

In addition to processing, I also have upcoming opportunities to grow other skills including acquitions and supervision. I’ve written two blog posts so far for the center (that I hope to repost here if I can get permission). I will also get to go to a conference in Washington D.C. this July! Networking opportunity, ahoy!

…Which reminds me that I need to get my business cards ready.

It’s  been a great six months so far. I’m finally getting to put the things I’ve learned in graduate school and from volunteering into action at a wonderful instititution. I’m reveling in my newbie-ness right now and taking it all in.


  • I’m trying to avoid long gaps between postings again, so I need to put myself back on a schedule
  • Get back to my genealogical research. It’s been crazy lately so I’m getting back on track
  • Refine what I hope to achieve with this blog.

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